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What Am I Doing?

by | May 12, 2020

I’ve become a statistic. I started this blog as a place to enjoy the experience of long form writing about a subject that I enjoy, wrote a few pieces, and then got distracted by the shiny colors on Instagram.

Nasomatto Blamage. I’m sorry.

I’ve been trying to find a current stat on the average lifespan of blogs. I couldn’t. Maybe that’s because this is an outdated communication model. Obsolete might be a better term. It doesn’t sell stuff in the way it did five or ten years ago. But, despite not being able to cite a number here about the fast death of most new blogs that are created, I think we can all agree that most do die very quickly. I really don’t want to be that if for no other reason than I hate being wrong.

I don’t want this to feel like a chore, but writing it does require some effort. I quickly wrote all five posts that I had ideas about when I started this project. Now most of the posts are going to need a bit more work. Except for political rants, which I’d like to do more frequently here.

I had no interest in reviewing fragrances, and every time I get a comment on Instagram to the effect of “great review,” I feel uncomfortable. I have no business reviewing fragrances. I don’t know enough and I don’t have enough experience. I’m simply writing a reaction.

But, I like the interaction that Instagram provides. I like taking pretty pictures and posting them. I’ve found my time there to be rewarding – maybe a bit more instant gratification than this blog can ever be. I like interacting with other enthusiasts. I like interacting with perfumers and other people who work in perfume professionally. One of the best things about fragrancing is that the elite artists who create the things by which you are so captivated are right there, excited to talk with you about those things. At least some of them are. Instagram makes that a lot easier than this blog does.

So I think I’m going to keep doing the Instagram like I am doing. But this blog offers a different catharsis that I don’t want to give up. I want the chance to explore ideas in more depth. Instagram is like clickbait. I spend a fair amount of time each day writing the caption for my photo, but I’m not sure half the people who like the photo actually read the post. The writing is the value-add that I have to offer, and I want the practice of doing that in both forms.

I need to write here weekly, and I am going to. I have a dozen post ideas now, each of which will require some effort to write – they require both a coherent, well thought out idea, and maybe even some research and compilation of information.

So this here is my obligatory “sorry I haven’t postsed” post that I’ve seen on every non-professional blog I’ve ever read since blogs began. I’m getting it out of the way early in this life of this site.

At least weekly posts… here we go.


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